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Anytime, anywhere and whatever quantity!

Steel Mart follows a replenishment model which ensures the following for the retail outlet.

•    Steel Mart has set up regional stockyards at Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra      Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala to ensure that retail outlets serviced by Steel Mart get the      desired quantity of material within a reasonable time of placing the order.

•    Zero stockout position by replenishing stocks based on consumption at the retail outlet.

•    Having a team of sales people on the ground to ensure high touch with the retail partners.

•    Customers walking into any Steel Mart retail outlet across the country will have access to      world class steel from the world’s largest steel maker, ArcelorMittal.

•    Customers will also be assured of availability of material of all sizes at all retail outlets.

  Import of
steel to 2 major ports.
Mumbai and Chennai.
  Stocking at major warehouses.
Mumbai and Chennai.
  Transfer to regional
Gujrat, Rajasthan,
Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Kerela.
  Repacking and supply based on orders to retail traders from the nearest stock point.